Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Built for Speed"

2005 Painting: Built for Speed

(24"x36" oil on canvas)

This painting was inspired by my lovely friends Dee and Rachel who have a party every Thursday night in SF called "Built for Speed".

In some ways, meeting Dee changed my life. Her red hair, free spirit, courage and warm loving self helped me open up to a lot of new things. I used to get coffee from her every day at the NY Street cafe where she was the star counter girl. She wore daring outfits on Halloween, gave evey single person an individual moment of her time, and she and Meredith's great food fed a lot of people in that neighborhood. We all had food for thought and the best mac and cheese EVER.

I believe that I was there for the first Built for Speed at MILK bar in the upper Haight. :)

Built for Speed is an inspiration in itself- the girls 'decorate' the back room at Delirium every Thursday night with black and white images of punks, rockers, and pin up girls. They put the things they love up on the walls for eveyone to share.

All the girls in these paintings are friends of mine. They are wonderful people who helped me break open my warped idea that only model-skinny girls are pretty and sexy. They have real bodies, with voluptuous curves like me!

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