Friday, January 25, 2013

Yoke skirts and Populaires

This week in pattern drafting, I transferred my skirt block to oak tag. The heavier oak tag is then used as the template for drafting all other skirt patterns. It was kinda challenging to transfer the pattern to oak tag, I couldn't get the lines straight until I pulled out the cutting mat. Then everything fell into nice 90ยบ angles and all was right with the world.

And homework is also happening

In class, my teacher is combining the 12 skirt patterns so it's moving much faster than I thought it would. On Monday, we combined the yoke and slit patterns. I have to sew this up, then I also have homework combining pencil/empire/kick pleat. It's a bit ambitious as I'm also prepping and riding the SFR Populaire this Saturday. Haven't done my homework yet, it's hanging on my consciousness a bit. :/

We saw a wonderful production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch last Saturday. Highly recommend going to see this at the Boxcar Theater. You can enjoy EIGHT Hedwigs and sing along, as I did.

Hedwig #hedwigandtheangryinch #wiginabox #happiness

I made the Rice Cakes and Lamb and Chickpea stew from the Feedzone. I am not in love with either recipe, but I learned a lot and both recipes are a good starting point for other ideas.

Next month's Dr Sketchy's are in the works:
2.5.13 Dr Sketchy's presents Mermaid Rachel

2.19.13 Dr Sketchy's presents Vivian de Milo

The Pelican and I are ready for Pt Reyes Station this Saturday.

SFR Brevet this Saturday

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