Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Two training rides/week

I bumped up my training rides to two last weekend, a Headlands 35 miler with 2400' of climbing and a 55 mile ride out to Fairfax and back with 4600' of climbing. At least these are the stats according to Ridewithgps. It's good enough for me.
 Right now it's like this
My friend Kacey and I enjoyed a foggy one Saturday. There was nothing at all to be seen in the Headlands and we were on top of the ever changing tone of fog horns as we popped over the GG bridge. Believe it or not there were tourists out on rent-a-bikes.

@littlebigtoe and I enjoyed the fog horns yesterday #headlands #fog
We did the loop and took McCullough road back to the roundabout. Now I know why people ride out through the tunnel to Bunker road, McCullough is a-bitch-of-a-never-ending climb. I could feel my legs at the end of this ride for sure.

I was able to cut out patterns Saturday afternoon, yay! I had 3 flared skirts on the chopping block: Princess flare, A line and bias flare. Flared skirts on the chopping block #apparelarts    #sewing

Had a Saturday night work function that kept me out past a decent bedtime. 5am sure did come early.
#pelican at the water stop #aidslifecycle
The Cat 2 folks wanted to get us over the bridge early due to a race, 6:30 is indeed the earliest I have ever ridden over the bridge. Even SFR events tend to start later than this.

Since I had been sick the previous week and trained Saturday, I opted out of the full 75 mile ride. That was smart on my part because I was exhausted afterwards. The rest of Sunday was a wash on the bed watching Mad Men & Game of Thrones. I was too tired to even nap properly.

My team training recommends starting two training rides/week in April and I'm glad that I am doing it. This weekend was a crash course in what the 7 day ride will be like and I hope to survive without my crankypants.

Yesteday was pretty tough, I could have slept all day. It does make me wonder if I'm overtraining or if this is just what happens when the levels get bumped up. (Tuesday my legs feel fine and I feel rested so there you go). Recovery is an interesting process.

Last night night in Apparel Arts was all assembly line, all night. I pinned together all 3 skirts, then banged them out on the sewing machine. They all fit really well, if not a little too big now. I am drafting a circle skirt with a smaller waist to see if I'm on the right track. I am pretty sure that my waist has narrowed by 2 inches since I started class in January. If the tape measure is to be believed, I have also shrunk 2 inches in the low hip. Bike riding changes your body for sure.

Tonight is Dr Sketchy's 'April in Paris'!

March mileage= 400
Fundraising= $3850

Donations gladly accepted here: http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/AliceStribling

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