Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Summering in the south of France with Diane Olivier doesn't suck

For the last four years, I've spent two weeks of June in the south of France drawing landscapes every day. Let me expand on what happens on a daily basis: drawing landscapes, stuffing my face with goat cheese and swimming.

While it sounds 'rough', actually we do work really hard and I usually have about 20 pastels to show for my efforts.

I'm starting to design Diane's 2012 website and I'm going through photos like these:

Dirty girl Alice
Terry Ludwig Intense dark set II. All over me.
Alice, ready for market
Market day
My setup_1
This is what my setup looks like
Rice Fields
One of my favorite drawings from last year
This is a wonderful drawing spot!
The spot where I drew that drarrrring
I am enjoying the olives
Rosé, cheese and dead olive soldiers.
the French whip is very twitchy
Oh and here is one for the bikey folk: my French whip. Our morning routine involves a 6am ride for croissants...

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