Thursday, April 12, 2012

Johnny Crash photos & my drawings of the Sisters

Editing down these photos took some real effort on my part. I had about 51 favorites, but I know editing is best, so I narrowed it down to about 31 in flickr.

The entire set is on Johnny's site. If you have a little time and love the Sisters as much as I do, then go there and spend some quality time:

I really enjoyed hearing about the process of becoming a Sister.

Sister Sharin' Dippity talked a lot about how important community is, which is something that we are also trying to cultivate at Dr Sketchy's. We believe that artists need to have a great place to practice.

She also talked about how many people in the LGBT community (or anyone really) come to San Francisco having not had a place to fit in spiritually wherever they are from. Many people come here without roots. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are celebrating their 33rd anniversary this year, they established their roots on Easter Sunday in Dolores Park in 1979.

Sketchys SF - Sisters-72
Sister Mae Joy B With U

Sketchys SF - Sisters-65
Sister T'Aint a Virgin
Sketchys SF - Sisters-187
Sister Sharin' Dippity
Sketchys SF - Sisters-5
Sister Jezabelle

And our lucky prize winners!
Sketchys SF - Sisters-200 Sketchys SF - Sisters-203

Sister Mae Joy b with U

My drawing of Sister Mae Joy!

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