Friday, March 15, 2013

Right now, it's like this

It was a little bit of a challenging weekend. Saturday and Sunday were busy and I really just felt like hanging around the house.

I participated in a fun event on Saturday. Pushbike had a sale and swap on the sidewalk of their shop. I sold some tires, pedals and a bag...then turned around and got some Pushbike armwarmers. +$60, -$40. +$20 overall, woo! The sun was out and people had beers in hand.

I volunteered for the first shift of the SF Randonneurs' Russian River 300k. The first riders came in right after I arrived at 5, they finished at 5:03 which is 11 hours and 3 minutes after the start. Holy hot foot Batman, these guys are fast.

From 5-8pm, we probably checked in 30-40 riders. It is really nice to welcome everyone in and give them a chocolate milk, though it was frickin cold. We processed the brevet cards and got everyone signed in. My shift ended at 8pm.

I hit the pillow early so that I could get up with no light, thank you daylight savings time, and get to an 8am meetup with some ALC folks. My friend Tia has been riding with these peeps for a while and she joined their team, which is known as Team Unpopular. 

Lots of silliness ensued at the start, these guys have moxie in spades. We followed the same route that other ALC training rides were doing that day, out to China Camp with a mini Tiburon loop at the end.

Jesse, Tommy, Shelly and John had me laughing the whole day. I like the flamboyance and craziness of this group and plan on riding with them every Sunday.

Extreme lemonaid grandstanding #teamunpopular #alc

Apparel Arts is slow and steady. I finished and tried on two skirts on Monday, it does feel awesome to have my teacher check off all the finished patterns from my list. Here is a list of all the skirt muslins that I have drafted since I started the class in January. Feels nice to list them out, also feels nice to have them hanging in the closet. One day I'll get to sew them in fashion fabric!

  • single dart
  • double dart
  • yoke slit skirt
  • empire pencil kick pleat
  • pleated godet
  • lowered waist/seamed
  • button placket

Next week we draw again at Dr Sketchy's, this time it's curves for days with Miss Alotta Boutté!

Dr Sketchy's SF presents Alotta Boutté!

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