Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stuff and things, post AIDS/LifeCycle

I have a lot of processing to do post ALC. As one would imagine, one learns a lot being on the road for 7 days with thousands of like minded people doing good in the world. Here is a random collection of thoughts.

In regard to training...smack me on the head but I finally see the benefit of pushing hard in training, so that one has fun on whatever the big thing is that one is working towards. I know, I know. This seems obvious. I just didn't really push before.

Practicing has its benefits. Getting up at 4, 5, 6am for training rides was incredibly helpful for ALC. I already had a mental list of all the shit that needs to happen before a ride. What goes in the jersey and where, sunscreen, food, and the order of these things.

I understand what it is to pull your weight on a team and the benefits of being on one that truly cares as a whole about everyones' well being. I saw examples of wonderful humans. I would like to be like them.

Shit happens. As a resourceful human you deal with it. You take a mental break if needed and you move the fuck on to the next thing with gusto and confidence. (Moxie)

Meditation has taught me how to be non-reactive and slow down if things feel overwhelming.

I can sort of do anything that I set out to do. We all can really. This is both freeing and scary to let sink in.

We are all interconnected. Forming connections, having fun, supporting each other, smiling and meeting new people is truly wonderful.

California is beautiful. I want to see more. I also want to see more of the US/World on my bike.

I want to bring positive change to the world in whatever small way that I can.

I like riding my bike. Still. Plus I'm stronger now and so riding is super fun.

I wouldn't mind taking lots of things less seriously. Sometimes. I can get really caught up in researching things, reading about things, wanting things.

ALC folks had fun with their clothing, decorations, and bikes. After experiencing this, I immediately bought a license plate for the Pelican that says 'California Disco'. Because it is fun. And it's nice to have a conversation piece.

This isn't really an awesome example of not getting things. Of course I still want things. Well considered, well designed, lovely (if possible handmade) things that will last a lifetime. All of these things have a place I guess. It's a tightrope that I'll always likely walk, being an artist and appreciating things that people make. Whoa, not sure where this is going... :) It is an example of struggling to find peace with all of it I guess. In dharma talks this is about clinging and how that causes suffering.

I would like to pursue spending more time helping people. It's a great way to get out of my brain and reach out and connect to others.

I don't want these thoughts to be new shoulds or goals. I guess I'm writing this down so that I remember it all later.

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