Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kill Bill fun at Dr Sketchy's SF

Last night we had Mercy Beaucoup model for us as Beatrix Kiddo, from Kill Bill. If you are familiar with Vol. 1, the major supplies required to successfully render this character are yellow and RED.

For blood splatters, of course.

I think a super fun time was had by all. Everyone's work gravitated towards anime and anyone with watercolors splashed 'blood' all over their page. It was fascinating to see this phenomenon. Totes fun.

I liked my drawrrrings.
Mercy Beaucoup as Beatrix kiddo from kill bill #drsketchy #drsketchys
Lord have Mercy!

Diane and Olivia with blood splatters #drsketchy #drsketchys
Diane and Olivia, and blood.

 Beatrix Kiddo
This one feels a little stiff, but alright. I'll take it. Beatrix Kiddo 2
This was my favorite. Some of the proportions are off, but oh well. Still like the watercolor bits. I am likely my hardest critic.

If you like, there are more drawrrrings here:

We do this every first Tuesday and third Tuesday. Next up is GI Joe vs. the Transformers. For real.

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