Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Dad calls...

and I am grateful for it. He calls to ask when someone is coming by because he has a list of things that he needs done.

He wants to put his house in order in some way. He wants to get rid of things, sell things, he kind of always has a list of things.

The theme for the ride that I am going on this weekend is generosity. I've turned towards meditation and practice to help with this suffering that I'm feeling.

I think about generosity in relation to my father. I am being generous because I pick up the phone when he calls, even if I am busy. I don't do that for everyone. If I'm busy, I call people back.

I am willing to ask the same questions and to be calm and fun. I like it when I can make him laugh, even if I cry later.

Right now I feel like my heart is weighted down. There are sharp rocks that have made their way inside me. I hope that I can ride out a lot of things this weekend on pilgrimage.

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