Friday, February 08, 2013

On Tuesday night, we drew a Mermaid

Monday night in pattern making was eventful. I tried on the empire waist/pencil/kick pleat skirt that I drafted last week and it only needed one little adjustment, which is amazing.

Now I have two patterns that I like a lot: the yoke/slit and this one. I'm going to transfer them both to the heavyweight oak tag and sew a little something for myself when I have a hot minute.

I also asked my teacher to help with a shirt project that I started for my BF for his birthday in September. whoops. I got stuck when I had some fit issues, but now I can take another crack at it.

AND she had me draft an odd little skirt. A lowered waist/asymmetrical seam dealy deal. I don't know about this one. Maybe I'll like it.

Tuesday at Dr Sketchy's was much more photographically interesting than pattern making. We drew a mutha effing mermaid. You know, like you do.

One of our amazing volunteers, Andres, put this mervent together. Apparently there are many mermaids out there in the world, our lady Rachel is 'head mermaid' at Dive Bar in Sacramento. They have a 40 foot tank and the merpeople do underwater every day of the week.

Rachel brought two really cool tails. The shape of her legs encased in the fabric and silicone was really fun to draw. So shapely and beautiful. Her poses were well thought out and quite lovely. I really like my drawings.

Right now it's like this

Yin and yang copy under the sea Fire tail

I've been sick so I haven't done much riding other than commuting. The SFR Two Rock/Valley Ford 200k is still on my radar for the 17th. I'm a little nervous, but I just made my plan. Again if I stick to 11mph average with quick breaks, I should finish within the time limit. That's slower than my usual average, so it's do-able. I also have a backup plan. My friend Diane is going to go out drawing in the area so that I can call her if needed. <3 !!

Also, here is an opportunity to support my AIDS/LifeCycle fundraising and get a $25 heart tattoo. My friend Dave's shop is having a Valentine's special, all profits will go towards ALC, which will then support the AIDS Foundation and Gay and Lesbian centers in SF and LA.

Mom's Body Shop
$25 heart tattoos at Mom's on Valentine's Day

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