Friday, February 22, 2013


On Sunday, it was like this. Pedal... x 1 million.

Up a hill to the bridge, out a path, wind, sun, up White's hill, out to Petaluma (mile 45), Petaluma to Valley Ford (mile 60ish), VF to Pt Reyes Station (cross my threshold of 75 miles into unknown possibly dark mental territory) to Pt Reyes Station (mile 86), and back onto familiar territory, race back to the bridge and over. And done.

  • 124 miles/200 k
  • Ridewithgps says 8887ft of climbing
  • 12 hours, 16 minutes
  • Well deserved beer, burger and flowers from my baby afterwards!
  • Quite an accomplishment

I was very grateful to my riding buddy, Juliayn. We rode the entire day together, she was very kind to me during the dark times and we had a nice day.

I don't know what else to say about it, I'm still processing and recovering.

I took one photo of Juliayn photo-stalking the lambs:

Baaaa with juliayn on the sfr two rock/valley ford 200k. #bike #randonneur #sheep #northencalihaslotsofsheepandcows

And she took photos of me, her entire set is here. Also more photos of the ride from VĂ©locia.

Late in the ride, still smiling!

In art news, some friends and I drew at Catherine Mackey's studio Saturday:

Solveig curve

And we drew Vivian de Milo's Magic Tea Party Tuesday at Dr Sketchy's.

Vivian cake

Pam Palma posted some great photos on flickr

The rest of my week is going to be all about recovery. I am very tired.


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Pinkney V Mikell said...

WAy to go, Alice. You are a star and I am envious/proud of this accomplishment.