Friday, February 15, 2013

"She's got moxie in spades"

I heard it on an Absolute Ru Paul drag race commercial and it may have changed my life forever. The definition has been running around in my head all week: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

I have considered changing my middle name to Alice Moxie Stribling.

But of course the more practical solution is to get this tattooed on my person. My logic is that when I'm tired of being in the saddle, I can look down and see it and think about what it is to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

This is who I want to be.

On Sunday, I rode 60 miles out to China Camp and back. I met friends in Mill Valley and we went through some turns that I'll never remember (good thing I have this), through San Rafael and out to the park. It's a beautiful place.

China camp is purty

Monday in pattern making, I sewed up the pleated/godet skirt and holy crap I like it. It's very flattering and I'll probably make one in some for-real fabric.

I also cut the fabric for the seamed skirt, there are 4 front pieces and 6 back pieces, so this one is a little time consuming. My teacher showed me how to draft two more patterns to do over the long break (we're off for President's day).

Thread and sea

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. My stylist rocks.

Fresh hair

Thanks to Mom's Body Shop, Olivia Olivier, and Dave Groeschel for having their annual $25 Valentine heart tattooing extravaganza. Dave is going to donate all the profits to my AIDS/LifeCycle fund. So awesome.

Getting heart tattoos at Mom's Body Shop on Valentine's Day

Heart tattoos from #momsbodyshop for #aidslifecycle

Sunday is the SFR Two Rock/Valley Ford 200k. I am embracing it.


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