Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy holidays!

Tomorrow I head back to the East coast for the holidays. I am on the fence about Christmas for sure: on one hand it is an anxiety producing, over-consumption-encouraging holiday. On the other, I'll see my family for a short enough time that we should be laughing the entire time.

Please oh please Dad don't ask the computer related questions as you know that never ends well. *sigh* It's family, what can you do? They definitely know how to push our buttons.

I found the perfect tree for next year:

And Pin it up, babycakes is coming soon! I have been working on this project for most of the year with Jessica Whiteside. Many, many talented pin up artists in this show. I am really excited about it.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Attack site!

Yipes, my site was down for a couple of days due to hacker aholes and their wily ways. Since the 21st, it was redirecting to China (!) and is currently being reinstalled.

Thanksgiving was rockin'! Bill and many of my beloved peeps cooked and made merry.

I went for a ride to North Beach:
Thanksgiving day ride

And am officially bike obsessed:

More cuties on bikes

Ertha Kitt on her bike, New York 1952

Pin ups and bicycles

Stay tuned as there may be pinups on bicycle paintings in my near future.

Although, currently I am finishing up artwork for "Pin it up, Babycakes". This is the brainchild of yours truly and Jessica Whiteside (Tink) and it airs at 111 Minna Gallery in Feb. Don't miss out on the fun or your chance to purchase hot artwork, get yourself on our mailing list!!!

Self portrait in Red Nighty
"Self Portrait in Red Nighty"