Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy holidays!

Tomorrow I head back to the East coast for the holidays. I am on the fence about Christmas for sure: on one hand it is an anxiety producing, over-consumption-encouraging holiday. On the other, I'll see my family for a short enough time that we should be laughing the entire time.

Please oh please Dad don't ask the computer related questions as you know that never ends well. *sigh* It's family, what can you do? They definitely know how to push our buttons.

I found the perfect tree for next year:

And Pin it up, babycakes is coming soon! I have been working on this project for most of the year with Jessica Whiteside. Many, many talented pin up artists in this show. I am really excited about it.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Attack site!

Yipes, my site was down for a couple of days due to hacker aholes and their wily ways. Since the 21st, it was redirecting to China (!) and is currently being reinstalled.

Thanksgiving was rockin'! Bill and many of my beloved peeps cooked and made merry.

I went for a ride to North Beach:
Thanksgiving day ride

And am officially bike obsessed:

More cuties on bikes

Ertha Kitt on her bike, New York 1952

Pin ups and bicycles

Stay tuned as there may be pinups on bicycle paintings in my near future.

Although, currently I am finishing up artwork for "Pin it up, Babycakes". This is the brainchild of yours truly and Jessica Whiteside (Tink) and it airs at 111 Minna Gallery in Feb. Don't miss out on the fun or your chance to purchase hot artwork, get yourself on our mailing list!!!

Self portrait in Red Nighty
"Self Portrait in Red Nighty"

Saturday, November 08, 2008

3 years carless and now I'm bike crazy!

My company moved in August and since then I've been riding my bike to work. I absolutely LOVE it...which is funny, because I was super anxious about it for the months leading up to the move. I wasn't sure that I would keep up with it, and I had a big obstacle: the 1930s cage style elevator in my apartment building.

The cage is heavy and it must be pulled back 'accordion style' to get you and your shite in it. Needless to say, this stylish and charming old lift is extremely unfriendly to bicycles.

Elevator issues:
For the first riding month I struggled a bit with getting my bike in and out of the elevator, oh and I should qualify this with the fact that I live on the 6th floor, so it is sort of a necessity. Until one day, someone asked me in conversation if the cage didn't have a catch. I guess some of them do. I thought about it, realized that I have a bungee cord that would serve as a 'catch' and holy fucking shit I have solved my problem AND my 6th floor neighbors think I'm brilliant because I have solved THEIR problem as well.

Now I hook the elevator open, load in my bike, load in groceries, whatever. It's totally easy.

Dumbass riding on Division:
For say the first two months, I rode my dumbass down Duboce and Division because that's what told me was the most direct route to work.

On the way home I started to notice that the other bike riders would go down Division to Bryant or Harrison and turn left, leaving me the only rider left to fumble my way on the sidewalk because the 5 lanes of Division are scary, then jump off my bike at Zeigeist on Duboce and walk my bike sheepishly up the hill because I wasn't ready to tackle that 70 degree incline.

Then, I had another breakthrough. I checked again I discovered that 14th & 15th are the route of choice for biking to and from work. Other bikers gave me clues, THEY had the knowledge. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN bike to work. I CAN do it and it is TOTALLY FUN. Now the bus does not compare.

Last week, I had on my fancy shoes, I wanted to take the bus. There were a bunch of asshats at the bus stop, the bus never came. I WALKED BACK HOME AND GOT MY BIKE. This is the way for me. I feel more a part of my city. This is my time to myself, this is my time to enjoy the world, nature, perhaps some irresponsible drivers, but some considerate peeps as well.

So what the fuck am I going to do in the winter? Last weekend it rained. The buses get crowded, they don't always come. The 22 is notoriously late as it is. It's an incubator for evil winter cold germs, it makes me feel a bit compulsive about getting sick...I feel a bit Howard Hughes. All bad things.

So I've been doing a bit of research online about riding in the winter. It seems straightforward enough if one is prepared for it. I need fenders, a raincoat that suits bike needs, some bike maintenance knowledge: these things I can do.

I do not yet know how I will achieve this and maintain cute hair but I feel confident that there are ways, I will learn them as I go.

I am going to poll my friend Jessica Meek because she is also bike crazy and has taken long solo rides and generally rocks my house party when I see her.


Good resources if you too are interested in biking to work, looking cute while doing it, and being prepared:

SF Bike Coalition
Riding Pretty Blog
B.Spoke Tailor aka JoyRider Clothing:
Paul Dorn's bike commuting tips blog:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tease O Rama SF 2008

Tease O Rama = 2 nights, 6 hours each of pasties, glitter, rhinestones and laughs. I'm starting to post my photos!

Here's the set:

DSC_0264 Kitten on the keys
The lovely Kitten on the Keys

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet M'alice and Tramp Le Monde will school you!

This Wednesday is back to school night with Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers!

Tramp Le Monde has a thing or two to teach me about my ABCs. It should be VERY entertaining.

Details and Presale ticket info below the rhinestone encrusted goodies.

9/24: Burlesqeteers Go Back to School

This month, the Burlesqueteers take you back to school! We have
grunge cheerleaders, a sexy janitor, hot student/ teacher action, a
sassy school mascot and much more! You won't want to miss these
school day antics!

Burlesque performances by:

Bombshell Betty
Red Velvet
Mademoiselle Muerta
Tiger Von Claus
Sweet M'alice
Foxy Chartreuse
Kitchy Coo
Bottoms Up
Lil Eva

This month's debuts by:
Tramp le Monde
Miss Fist

Odessa Lil is your *thwack!* Mistress of Ceremonies!

Sit back and relax in comfortable theater seating while sipping your
wine and enjoying the hilarious and delightful acts from your
favorite burlesque troupe, the Burlesqueteers!

Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

$12 in advance (Will call only)
$15 at the door

Order your tickets in advance here:
Presale ticketing ends at noon on the day of the show!

Stagewerx Theater
533 Sutter St. @ Powell Street
San Francisco

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pin up artists

I'm painting today (yes I know it's gorgeous outside) and the painting of Sweet Cheeks requires me to do some research into hands. So I'm going to the most comprehensive site with historical pin up artists like Peter Driben and Vargas, to new artists as well.

And photographing my hands for reference.


This is from the last session with some Photoshop retouching done as well. I'm changing some things around.

Sweet Cheeks retouchDSC_0008 2

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

What a productive weekend

Work moved (again) Friday, and I was lucky to have the day off!

I spent the day lounging around Kabuki Spa and then I got one of the best massages of my life. Perhaps it was so incredibly wonderful because I needed it so badly, but I suspect that this woman also just has some sort of incredible voodoo in her hands.

Between Saturday and Sunday, I painted for many many hours, which feels fabulous. I have been feeling like I was neglecting my lovely portraits of Bombshell Betty, Sweet Cheeks and myself for too long. But I think I needed to take that break, go to France, practice drawing and come back to them.

I think the pieces needed my new and improved vision. While I was painting, I felt free and a little my top might fall of and I didn't that day in France when the storm was coming and I drew everything that I felt and I was at one with the universe.

At one with the universe, France

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet M'alice performs next Wed, August 27th!

Next Wednesday I'll be performing Burlesque at Stagewerks with the sexy and thrilling Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers! My act includes bewbies, pink feathers and The Ramones.

It should be a rump shakin' good time.

Get yer presale tickets here!!!

Additional details below the lovely photo (shot by Darling Propaganda!).

* * *

Grab your leopard bikini and light up the bonfire, because this month the Burlesqueteers are traveling to the Jungle Exotica! You'll be entertained by wild beasts and Wild Women and enthralled as evil land developers face off with lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Burlesque performances by:

Bombshell Betty
Holly Highbeams
Tiger Von Claus
Tinky Sparkle
Bella Cherrie
Kitchy Coo
Lil Eva
Sweet M'alice

With solo debuts by:
Bottoms Up
Red Velvet

And see the Burlesqueteers debut a brand new group number:
A gender bending cancan romp to Marilyn Monroe's "Heat Wave"

Odessa Lil will be our *thwack!* Mistress of Ceremonies!

Plus special surprise guests!

* * *

WEDNESDAY, August 27

Sit back and relax in comfortable theater seating while sipping your
wine and enjoying the hilarious and delightful acts from your favorite
burlesque troupe, the Burlesqueteers!

Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

$12 in advance (Will call only)
$15 at the door

Order your presale tickets here:
Presale ticketing ends at noon on the day of the show!

Stagewerx Theater
533 Sutter St. @ Powell Street
San Francisco, near Union Square

Monday, August 11, 2008

More art on Flickr and I'm performing on the 27th

I have posted some more pastels on Flickr, including some fun sketch book scans!

Click HERE to see the set. The pastels are all 11x14" and $225 unframed. Contact me at alice [at] if you are interested in purchasing.

Canal in Homps, France

Minerve, France

Also, Sweet M'alice dances again on August 27th!
My act includes boobies, pink feathers and The Ramones!!!
What does that spell kids?? F. U. N.

Sweet M'alice dances again on August 27th!

More info on Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers shows:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Artwork and the Adventures of Sweet M'alice

Two things:

1) I started posting my pastels from France!

Clicky the pic to see:
View of Cerf Gris

2) I'm launching a site to chronicle my adventures as Sweet Ma'alice: Pin Up Doll, Burlesque Beauty and Boobalicious Babe.

This is from a fun shoot with the gals from Built for Speed:
Photo shoot with Fashion Hooker & Platform Whore from Built for Speed

Sunday, July 13, 2008

France and Spain

What an amazing trip! Here's a quick link to pics: France and Spain

Me toning paper for a pastel drawing: Drawing workshop in Moux, France

I'm trying to get my head out of the fog and back to reality. I hope to have all my new artwork posted soon.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shoot n Shoot

Today I am practicing my photography skills with the lovely and talented miss Darling Propaganda. We're doing what I call a 'Shoot n Shoot': I shoot her and she shoots me in return.

I'm excited to get behind the camera to shoot a little tush and tits for painting reference, and it's always fun when she tells me what to do.


Monday, May 26, 2008

More Burlesque, this Wednesday 5/28!

Hello lovelies-

If you missed last week's Burlesque extravaganza, you have another chance to see me perform with the delightful Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers this Wednesday in San Francisco.

Details and ticket purchasing information below, I hope to see your shining faces in the audience!

Much love-
Sweet M'Alice


That's right kids! It's time for another Haute House Burlesque Review!!
Brought to to you by none other than BOMBSHELL BETTY'S BURLESQUETEERS!!!

Come one, come all to the Stage Werx Theatre, just off of Union Square, where
we'll be back to amaze and delight as you sit back and relax in cozy theater
seats while sipping your beer & wine and enjoying the spectacle. Quite a nice
alternative to crowded bar shows!

This month's showcase features performances by:

Bootsy la Rue!
Bunny Pistol!
Chi Chis del Fuego!
Ginger Snaps!
Holly Highbeams!
Josie Starre & Sneak-A-Peak Sally!
Kiss Me Kate!
Lida Fire!
Peaches N. Cream!
Ruby Fuerza!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Sweet M'Alice!

and of course,
The Burlesqueteers!

with Odessa Lil as our *thwack* Mistress of Ceremonies!

Wednesday, May 28th
Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

Stage Werx
533 Sutter St. @ Powell Street
San Francisco

$12 in advance(will call only) @
$15 at the door

The venue is a small, independent theater, and seating is limited,
so buy your tickets in advance! Presale ticketing ends at noon on the
day of the show!

5/28, more boobies!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Performing my debut solo Monday!

I'm performing my VERY FIRST SOLO Monday night at Hubba Hubba in Oakland. This is Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers night with the silly and delightful Hubba Hubba crew. Please join us!

Details below:

Burlesqueteers Monday at Hubba Hubba!

Uptown Hubba Hubba is back this Monday, 5/19, with BOMBSHELL BETTY'S
BURLESQUETEERS! returning to shimmy, shake & grind their way into your hearts
and psyches.

Booze, Beauties, Funny Fat Guys & Rockin' Good Times for all!
Now that's a damn good Monday night!


Bombshell Betty!
Bunny Pistol!
Kiss Me Kate!
Josie Starre!
Miss Kittie Whip!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Ginger Snaps!
Sweet M'Alice!
The Burlesqueteers!
Zip the What-Is-It!

And everyone's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie

Doors 9PM, Show 10PM
21 & Up w/I.D.

And as always, it's just FIVE BUCKS all night!

1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
(1 block from 19th Street BART!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pin ups x 2

I love this photo!!

It's Sweet Cheeks & Sweet M'alice.

Sweet M'alice & Sweet Cheeks


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Orphan Works Bill

Is it an issue for artists to worry about? I don't know. When I dig in and research it, there are a bazillion different opinions on it.

From what I understand, the basis for the Bill is it allows for people to use older creative works when the copywrite holder has died (for 70 years past their death) or where the original holder cannot be found.

Film makers, musicians, etc. can not currently use this material, but the Orphan Works Bill would allow works to be used if the user can show that they made an attempt to find the copywrite owner.

I'm not going to attempt to convey the concerns of the art public because I don't fully understand but I have found some links. So if you are an artist trying to decipher it, read these and decide for yourself:

There is a lively debate happening here:

If you want to send letters to your congresspeople expressing your concerns, go here:

And six misconceptions about Orphan Works:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's going to be an exciting month

I'm already booked with:

• Burlesque classes & rehearsals
• A 'you shoot me, I shoot you' photoshoot with Darling Propaganda
• And a solo performance, woo!

When the hell I'm going to paint, I don't know. I do feel like all of this is equally important to the art that I want to it's ok.

I also have to be easy on myself because I'm going to spend two weeks devoted to making art next month in Moux, France.

Diane Olivier, my instructor and one of my favorite people, sent me the list of materials last week. We'll be using pastels, charcoal, possibly watercolors and if I have room I'll bring my colored pencils.

It's been a looong time since I've devoted this much time to drawing and I can't wait to see how my skills improve after the class.

We'll be staying in a house built in the 1860s, taking trips to draw in the countryside in the mornings and afternoons, and we have two days off to do whatever the hell we want!

After the workshop, Bill is meeting me and we are going to tool around the region either by car or train. We're going to decide how we feel when we get there. For sure, we'll spend a weekend in Aix-en-Provence and then some time in Barcelona.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fancy new camera, Burlesque and more!

Well hello people-

I just picked up a fancy DSLR this weekend, I'm no longer a point and shoot girl. Hurray!

I had been on the fence about whether to go Nikon or Canon and am very happy with my new Nikon D40. It was a great deal and came with two lenses: 18-35mm and 55-200mm

Now I have a ton of stuff to learn, but it is very exciting. I will be able to shoot my own reference for paintings! This has been a goal of mine for the last 6 months or so. While I have enjoyed working with different photographers to get pin up reference, I want to be able to express my 'voice' from the outset of a project.

The only way for me to accomplish this is to shoot my own gals.

So this is going to be an interesting exploration, the photographer has just as much work to do as the model, and I will be gaining confidence in this area.

Part of my goal is to shoot burlesque performers in motion. Pin ups are fun, but I really want to capture the movement and sparkle of costumes and the sass and tease of the performer. Along with my goal to shoot, I am going to perform. I've been taking classes from local Burlesque queen Bombshell Betty since October of last year and I hope to be performing with her troupe, the Burlesqueteers, sometime this month.

There is also personal growth that go accompanies all of these new things in my life, I've been discussing with my therapist (Susan) how to push back the fear that comes from performing. We've talked a bit about how actors accomplish this, one way is to access an emotion that is already inside and bring it to the front (despite the fear). This is something I find really interesting and hope to pursue it and blog about it as well.


Another goal is to finish all three 30x40" portraits by mid May. Self Portrait red nighty Work in Progress
I am going to put them up for sale, so if you are interested let me know!

Paypal buttons have been added to my website and that makes purchasing so much easier.

One last thing: stay tuned for an exciting project that I've been working on with artist Jessica Whiteside. We're co-curating an incredibly sexy Pin up art exhibition with artists representing Hot rod babes, Kink, Burlesque and Rockabilly chicks.

Happening February 09 at 111 Minna.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

From Sept. 07 Emily Payne photo shoot

I went into Emily Payne's studio last year to get some reference shots of myself, Bombshell Betty and Sweet Cheeks (both Burlesque performers).

This was one of the little gems from that shoot.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Drawing Workshop in South of France in June

I'm also prepping for this, I can't wait to sit in the sun in the Moux, France with nothing to do but draw all day.

I love Diane and can't wait to see how my skills improve after this workshop.

Oh and I designed the brochure! She provided all the wonderful pictures and drawrings. :)

Viva Las Vegas next weekend!

Bill and I are Vegas-ing it up next weekend at the charming Gold Coast with about a bazillion Rockabilly enthusiasts.

Should be a rockin' good time with LOTS of good eye candy!

(I promise there will be pictures)


Viva TimetablePoster

Monday, March 31, 2008

Most recent email from John Fluevog shoes

Fluevog has this area on their site where fans can upload photos of their favorite shoes, it's called 'Flueshots'.

They asked me to upload my painting a while ago and I kind of forgot about it, but I just noticed that it was included in their most recent update email.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pali Boucher of Rocket Dog Rescue

This gal is pretty amazing. She pulled herself out of some bad times and off the streets and has devoted her life to saving pooches that might not otherwise make it out of the pound.

Right before Christmas, Pali had a house fire and lost some rescue dogs along with her own pets and her art collection.

You can read the story here:SF gate article

It’s a pretty sad story and I wanted to do something for her that would replace some of her lost art and so that she has something for her new walls once she gets settled.

I got a photo from the lovely Laura B and made this piece of Pali and one of her dogs, Catfish Calhoun: Pali and Catfish Calhoun

It’s another one of these black and white photos on canvas giclĂ©e (I like this process a lot). I painted over it with oil, mostly red and metallic bronze. Catfish Calhoun shimmers and he even has some sparkly Swarovski crystals on his collar.

I delivered it to her last week at an adoption fair, I think she was pretty happy. She went around showing it to everyone with a big smile on her face!

The delivery

If you are interested in finding out more about Rocket Dog Rescue, check em out here:Rocket Dog Rescue site

Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 kinda kicked ass

So I’m sitting here listening to Pink Floyd, downloading a bunch of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin actually, and reflecting on this past year.

I’ve read a lot of 2007 blogs lately…a lot of artists that I keep up with have posted them. Many of them contain a list of exhibitions and professional accomplishments. Some of them are very honest and open. All have inspired me to do the same.

In 2007, I met an amazing smart sexpot: handsome Bill.

I traveled to LA, NY, Ireland and VEGAS with Bill. 2 out of 4 of those trips were art related!

I met a veritable shit-ton of fantastic people, developed some really cool relationships, developed my talent, was in like 4-5 art exhibitions (1 of which was a solo show), sold 6 pieces (1 of which was a commission piece for a lingerie store), and participated in 2 Pin up photo shoots (which will provide fuel for art this year).

So I feel like I am a lucky girl and I have had some amazing opportunities this past year.

Right now, though, I’m struggling. This always happens to me post holiday. Like lots of other people, I took my yearly trip ‘home for the holidays’.

I love my family: they are funny, smart, and love me. But I really do struggle during the time spent with them. Every year, I get jabs from them about how I should change.

This was a nice one from this Christmas, ‘When you stop painting women in lingerie, maybe we’ll buy some…’

I love them, I really do…but it gets old and it is very, very draining.

I got back to SF about a week ago and I’ve been processing some complex ideas about how to be in the world ever since this time spent with in the deep South.

One thing that came out of it is that I sat down on New Year’s day and rewrote my art bio, about 8 times. It’s still not there yet but I’m getting closer. Pretty much I’ve been writing this thing for the past 4 years.

I’ll share with you my process every time I sit down to write it:

I’m going to be fucking honest!
Wait, how much should I share?
Do people want the truth behind what I do, who I am?
Other artists write a professional, third person bio. Maybe that’s what I should do.
What will make my art sell?
Do I care about selling?
Wait, why am I making art again?
Oh yeah, because I really have no fucking choice in the matter.


Currently, the one on my site is short and sweet and doesn’t really tap into the major mental mountains I’ve been moving for, I don’t know, my whole fucking life. Mountains about learning to love my body, mountains about loving myself, mountains about finding my voice when there have been major people in my life that have always told me to be different. I learned to compromise and hide the things that really made me ‘me’ at a young age. I still struggle to be honest about these things.

And before this turns into a sob story, I know everybody has a struggle…I’m not saying that my life was difficult. I have a loving family, I always had a roof over my head and they taught me a lot of wonderful things and took care of me.

My experience just makes me question myself all the time. I struggle with whether people even want to know why I make the art that I do. It’s not all just pretty, sexy ladies.

Does anyone want to read this shit or do they just want to see sexy ladies? These sexy ladies have a story, I have a story. Women are complex, gorgeous creatures and we have boobies and some of us know how to shake them for fun and some of us choose to shake them for money. I love that. Good for us.

It’s fantastic to live in a time period when we women can own this. There is a spirit, an energy and a freedom to it, and that’s why I’m inspired by Burlesque.

Which brings me to what is on the table for 2008. Honesty, Burlesque, boobies and I don’t know…sex? Sure why not!

The first couple of weeks of 2008 find me prepping and starting some big new paintings. I have some portraits all planned out for Miss Bombshell Betty and Sweet Cheeks; two lovely, sexy, smart and funny Burlesque performers.

And yes, you lovely perverts, I have a couple of me thrown in there too.

Entertaining sidenote: What’s crazy about this process is it involves me frequently printing lasers and whatnot of myself in my underwear at work. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I guess all my coworkers are used to it by now.

So, if anybody is reading this, big shout out to all of you and everyone that supports me and listens to my shit. And I have to say, thank FUCK for David Bayles and Ted Orland for writing the book ‘Art and Fear’.

This book is my bible for when I feel shitty about myself and my art process. Every time I read it, I get something new out of it and bless them for putting into words this complex process of artmaking.

Why we artists do it, why it is difficult, why we have no choice but to do it, and how to keep doing it.

Happy 2008 wonderful people, I do love you.


"Yours truly in frilly underpants"
"Yours truly in frilly underpants"
20x20" oil on canvas giclee
Currently on display at 111 Minna Gallery