Friday, October 26, 2012

We're having an Election Night drawing party at Dr Sketchy's SF

Having a Dr Sketchy's on Election night is risky, in fact some say that we will fail. Diane and I see it as an opportunity to make great art with our community, together, while we wait out the looooong night for the the results to roll in.

This presidential election is a big deal. Lots of things are at stake. Everyone has strong opinions. I believe strongly in equality. The Dr Sketchy's community may be on different sides. It could get very interesting!

If you are in SF, there are measures on the ballot regarding the Hetch Hetchy (yipes all around) and California wants to know what you think about funding schools (save our City College!), the death penalty (oof tough one) and genetically altered food labeling (why wouldn't we do this?).

Ok so forget my commentary, it's up to you what you do. That's the beauty of voting, we all get to express our opinions.

I signed up for permanent vote by mail, and I keep chipping away at my ballot every day. Here are some great resources that are helping me make my decisions:

Back to the event. Dottie Lux, Kiss Me Kate and Dixie DeLish are some of the best burlesque performers in San Francisco. They are world class, professional, sexy, funny, smart and thrilling.

Just having ONE of these ladies model all night would be awesome, but we have all three. All night!

Costuming will range from Americana to Controversial. Bring red, white and blue pencils. Our highly trained burlesque girls will provide LIVE Election results all night !

We are giving discounts or a prize with proof that you have voted. This prize may or may not involve alcohol. Diane is very adamant about this, which is hilarious as she doesn't touch the stuff.

It could get interesting, we can guarantee that it won't be boring. I have to think about the music!

I hope to see you November 6th. 7-10pm. Chicken John's Warehouse, 3359 Cesar Chavez St. SF. Map:

Dr Sketchy's presents Election Night drawing party