Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been making art. really

It feels like I haven't been making art lately because I haven't painted in some time. But actually, I have been quite busy drawing and hosting Dr Sketchy's SF.

These are a couple of my favorite drawings from the last couple of months. I go to a small Thursday night group to get my draw on.

Friday, October 23, 2009

10.22.09 Judith

10.22.09 Judith, originally uploaded by Alice Stribling.

Last night our group drew the lovely Judith. She is a dancer and her capacity for holding interesting poses is quite impressive!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall figure drawing

Work life has been a bit stressful the last couple of months and I am happy to once again have my weekly figure drawing group.

We started up again last night and Itried some new things, one of which is pen 'painted' in with the Faber Castelle big brush pen. DIane Olivier turned me on to the light grey, which is completely fabulous because it's just a hint of color at first but can be built up to add dimension.

I'm totally digging it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sketch Tuesday & Dr Sketchy's, all wrapped up in a tasty Tuesday taco

Tell the rain to go f*ck itself and enjoy your tomorrow night @ 111 Minna Gallery!

Pin it up Babycakes is up until Feb 28th and your walls look empty, baby.

"Pin it up, Babycakes was created by artists and burlesque enthusiasts Jessica Whiteside and Alice Stribling.

This exhibition features art inspired by pinups that span many genres: including hot rod, cheesecake, faux advertisements, and modern burlesque influences."

Enjoy looking over the shoulder of an exciting artist at the Sketch Tuesday tables or doodle T&A with Dr Sketchy's!.

Sketch Tuesday:
"111 Minna Gallery is pleased to announce the second 'Sketch Tuesdays' of 2009 and the 30th time we've held the event! Each month the gallery hosts an evening of live art making featuring both established and emerging Bay Area artists. Inspired by Southern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally, 111 Minna offers patrons the opportunity to see local artists at work and get acquainted with them. It is also a way for artists to meet each other and to be inspired by each other's creative process."

Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School:
Founded in NYC by the infamous Molly Crabapple, Dr Sketchy's can now be attended all over the world. Come to the San Francisco chapter and develop your boob-drawing skills, have a drink and be entertained by the delicious models!

- Featured model is miss "Tricksie Treat"!
- Special guests, "Fromagique" and your favorite DJ, "Randy Johnson"!

Tuesday, February 24th from 6pm -10pm

111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
111 Minna Street @ 2nd Street

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Art for Pin it up, Babycakes

"Kitten on the Keys"
Oil and Swarovski crystals on canvas gicleé

"Catherine D'Lish"
Oil and Swarovski crystals on canvas gicleé

"Dirty Martini"
Oil and Swarovski crystals on canvas gicleé

"Sweet M'alice self portrait"
oil on canvas

"Sweet Cheeks"
oil on canvas

"Bombshell Betty"
oil on canvas

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pin it up, Babycakes: Fishnets, Tarts and the Art of the modern tease

It's been a year in the making! The red hot pinup & burlesque art exhibition everyone has been waiting for is almost here.

The art is outstanding!
The performers are delightful and decadent and half naked!
The film will be filled with shimmying black & white vintage boobs & perhaps a little beefcake!
The sexy vendors are busily making their wares! For you! For your Valentine's sweetie!

Mark your calendars for Opening night: February 5th


Curated by me (Alice Stribling) and Jessica Whiteside.

Alice Stribling
Jessica 'Tink' Whiteside
Emma Mount
Shaunna Peterson
Darling Propaganda
Molly Crabapple
David Perry
Bombshell Betty
Kirsten Easthope

Opening Night Event:

Burlesque Performers (more to be announced!):
Bombshell Betty & the Burlesqueteers
Tinky Sparkle
Dottie Lux
Bunny Pistol

MC and bawdy musical entertainment:
Kitten on the Keys

Vintage film:
Stephen Parr of Oddball Film

Thee Merry Widows play at midnight!

Press release - For Immediate Release - January 2009

The pinup girl holds a titillating place in history. She and her sister, the burlesque queen, have long been American icons, evolving with the changing tastes of popular culture.

The Gibson Girl of the Gay Nineties may have been fully clothed, but her poses in popular magazines were racy by the standards of the day. She became a superstar whose name is known even today. The Vargas Girl peeking over her shoulder in magazines of the Forties may have worn fewer clothes, but her popularity was perhaps greater than the Gibson Girl. Vargas Girls graced calendars in gas stations and on barrack walls. She flew hundreds of WWI missions on the noses of fighters and bombers. In burlesque houses across the country, the pinup pose moved to the stage with tauntingly slow strip teases and 'oops-what-happened-to-my-clothes' wardrobe malfunctions. The biopic about Fifties pinup star Bettie Page, released in 2006, highlights the current popularity of burlesque and pinup.

The spirit of pinup and burlesque continues to influence new artists. Lingerie clad ladies doing provocative burlesque bump-and-grind pinup poses inspired "Pin It up, Babycakes", an art exhibition created by Alice Stribling and Jessica Whiteside. The show will hang at 111 Minna Gallery from February 5 -28, 2009.

Stribling and Whiteside met in January of 2008, and were excited to find that both were pinup inspired artists. Both artists made the transition from admiring pinup to performing burlesque, and found themselves dancing in Bombshell Betty's burlesque class months later. Sometime between doing the hip bump and tassel twirl, the two discussed the idea of doing a show together. "Pin It up, Babycakes" is the result.

The work in the show ranges from sexily clad Samurai sword swinging chicks on hot rods, to charmingly naughty illustrations with a Victorian flourish. Shelves will be stocked with cheeky cowgirls on bowling pins, along with pinups 'advertising' products like Catwoman's whipping cream, purrrfect on pie.

Opening night festivities will be MC'd by the fabulous Kitten on the Keys, and will include tantalizing burlesque performances. Vintage burlesque film clips hand crafted by Stephen Parr of Oddball Films Archive will be shown. And there will be Sexy Merchandise ... just in time to make you or your Valentine sweetie squeal with delight.

111 Minna Gallery, SF /
Exhibition Runs February 5-28 2009
Opening Night: Thursday, February 5
6pm-LATE / Must be 21+ / $5 after 9 p.m. for burlesque
Sponsored by Dollhouse Bettie Vintage and Pinup Lingerie

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 accomplishments, 2009 goals

Every turn of a year I take some time to reflect on the previous 365 days and think about what I would like to accomplish with the year ahead. I have a handmade book which I specifically use to document this process. It was given to me by my friend Flannery Bateman in 2006 for my birthday and it is half full, yay!

A few of my accomplishments from 2008:

• Many pastels, drawings, and paintings: link
• Participated in the 111 Minna Gallery January show and am curating the highly anticipated Pin it up, Babycakes art exhibition: link
• 2 weeks in France making pastels and cafe drawings with Diane Olivier: link
• Barcelona with handsome Bill: link
• Purchased a DSLR and photographed Tease O Rama: link
• performed solo burlesque as Sweet M'alice: link
• performed with Tramp le Monde in her solo debut!: link
• Fell in love with my bike!

A few goals for 2009:

• Focus on art as a satisfying life pursuit: both financially and emotionally
• Set up a potentially naughty 2-3 person exhibition and/or solo show
• Photograph pin ups and burlesque for painting reference: most likely on bicycles, perhaps more erotic
• Sever my mild addiction and lingering flirtation with cable TV and TV in general
• Family, friends, love, life, boobs!!
• Studio space
• Face my fear

Inspiration for 2009

hello lady

oh my

Alice Austen and Gertrude Tate 1891
Alice Austen and Gertrude Tate 1891

Alice Austin and ladyfriend
Alice Austin and ladyfriend

Cycle Cottereau ad
Vintage bicycle ad