Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 accomplishments, 2009 goals

Every turn of a year I take some time to reflect on the previous 365 days and think about what I would like to accomplish with the year ahead. I have a handmade book which I specifically use to document this process. It was given to me by my friend Flannery Bateman in 2006 for my birthday and it is half full, yay!

A few of my accomplishments from 2008:

• Many pastels, drawings, and paintings: link
• Participated in the 111 Minna Gallery January show and am curating the highly anticipated Pin it up, Babycakes art exhibition: link
• 2 weeks in France making pastels and cafe drawings with Diane Olivier: link
• Barcelona with handsome Bill: link
• Purchased a DSLR and photographed Tease O Rama: link
• performed solo burlesque as Sweet M'alice: link
• performed with Tramp le Monde in her solo debut!: link
• Fell in love with my bike!

A few goals for 2009:

• Focus on art as a satisfying life pursuit: both financially and emotionally
• Set up a potentially naughty 2-3 person exhibition and/or solo show
• Photograph pin ups and burlesque for painting reference: most likely on bicycles, perhaps more erotic
• Sever my mild addiction and lingering flirtation with cable TV and TV in general
• Family, friends, love, life, boobs!!
• Studio space
• Face my fear

Inspiration for 2009

hello lady

oh my

Alice Austen and Gertrude Tate 1891
Alice Austen and Gertrude Tate 1891

Alice Austin and ladyfriend
Alice Austin and ladyfriend

Cycle Cottereau ad
Vintage bicycle ad

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