Sunday, January 03, 2010

Elvgren inspired watercolor

I have recently been inspired to add some painting to my drawing.

I love this woman's work: Luma Rouge

I'm totally inspired by the dancer with the feathered headdress. It's such a fast and effective way to get a lot of movement and shadow/tone into a quick sketch

I also love Marc Taro's rendition of Bunny Pistol from Dr Sketchy's:

In trying to use what I have rather than caving to the instinct to buy something new, I used a travel set of watercolors that I found this summer in Pietra Santo Italy. I'm glad I did. The quality of paint is wonderful and rich and creamy and the colors mix really well.

My sketch is of a Gil Elvgren painting. That man knew what he was doing when it came to painting luscious women.

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