Saturday, February 18, 2012

My workspace today

2.17.12 workspace
This is how my workspace is shaping up. That pegboard makes me incredibly happy.

A couple of weeks ago, I rode a 70 mile Populaire-scouting mission with my riding buddy, Ely. Next month, we're planning a ride to Santa Cruz. I hope that will make my goal of riding 100 miles in one day. Then the SF Randonneurs' Populaire is March 31st. I learned some things about what to eat and drink on an extended ride, I bonked. Next time I hope to have that stuff worked out.

Work has been quite busy lately and organizing 'on the road' Dr Sketchy's events is more time consuming than usual Dr Sketchy's planning. Oh and I don't even know how to even talk about what is going on with my aging parents, or if I should in this forum. I feel like I have this layer of upset with me all the time. So anything extra just piles on top of that baseline of emo. It is Super.

So today I am looking forward to making some clothing. See ya later, internets.

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