Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Ugh it's another one of those weeks. It feels like I can't get to the grocery store to get anything healthy to eat, I'm not getting enough sleep and I am cranky-pants and exhausted.

My 'sh'edule has worked its way to being FULL one week, then I'm off a week. This week is on, with something after work Monday-Wednesday. Then Thursday I should ride. Friday night sit, then just spin the wheel all weekend with errands and balancing time with my babay and training. It definitely starts to feel like things are out of control. Also work is picking up for the Summer.


• Completed circle skirt and box pleat/accordian pleat skirt this week in Apparel Arts.
• Made a new sloper to reflect the two inches I've lost off my waist and hips since January!
• Started drafting a contoured waistband skirt, only a couple more exercises before I make two skirts out of fashion fabric. I have plenty of ideas!

Spring Pelican: neon accessories
• The Pelican looks great and on trend with neon accessories for Spring.
• I like the new short reach SOMA HWY1 bars
• Took the Rivet saddle  out for a 90 miler Sunday, I think I like it. Still needs more testing.
• Love the way the Swift Industries tool roll looks on the Pelican.

• My legs felt good on the bike this morning.

#drsketchy El abuelo #drsketchy

• I can highly recommend drawrrrring Lucha Libre masked models at least once in your lifetime.

The music at Dr Sketchy's last night was really really great, had some help from Pamela Palma and Jesse Mullan this time around. The Frida soundtrack is fantastic. Still loving the Lumineers. Especially 'Slow it Down'. The new Bowie album is taking a while to grow on me, 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' is a goodie. Rodrigo y Gabriela play some mean acoustic guitars, of course their cover of Stairway to Heaven is amazing.

I endeavor to take a deep breath before talking this week. Everything is too close to the surface and unfiltered shit just keeps pouring out of my mouth.


Velouria said...

Hey there! Curious, which Rivet saddle model did you get and what were you riding beforehand?

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that I have the Pearl. I got it secondhand and I never asked what the model is, but it measures 170mm wide. I was riding a Berthoud before, which measures 160mm wide.

I think the Berthoud is the better width, but I was getting saddle sores right on my sitz bones with it so I tried something new. The Rivet feels good in some ways, it doesn't seem to cause the same irritation, but I'm still not sure...

Velouria said...

I went from same to same. My Pearl is a demo model, but I think unused before it came to me. Better than Berthoud in some ways, not in others. Rivet also makes the slightly narrower Independence. Got to tell you, I'm sick of saddle experiments though.

Unknown said...

I agree. I saw the narrower one, but I don't really want to buy another expensive saddle. I want to spend my money on other things, like cute Vulpine jerseys!! I saw your photos, they truly nailed it with styling and materials on the womens' jerseys.