Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh hey...thoughts on consuming and making

Oh hey my brain. Always working non stop. Lately some of the thoughts have been if only I had clothes that fit me really well and looked really good, I would...

be happier?
have a great life?
like I don't have a great life?


I would like to have some money and time and luck to find some new jeans. Found 3 pair last fall and they are too big now and wearing out and fading. I could dye them I guess.

Edit: Due to my tangle with the Market Street tracks yesterday, I am down a pair!

The irony here is that I was on the way to look for new jeans!

Apparel Arts ended up being very fulfilling Monday. I finished my final two skirt exercises. I started these so long ago, like 4 weeks ago, and so much has happened since then that they really did feel like they took forever to make. I was happy to finish them and to start drafting patterns for my two final fashion skirts. I feel energized around doing something creative and making something. It was fun to sew this week at home and at Apparel Arts. I have made SIXTEEN skirts since January!

16 skirts done! #apparelarts

Jcrew box pleat skirt
The skirt on the right (JCrew fall 2013) is inspiration for one of my fashion skirts.

 marc jacobs skirt
Marc Jacobs I think Spring 2013 is the other inspiration.

It's been interesting to track my fashion whims through the spring of 2013. I had Big Fashion Plans at the beginning of the season, I think I was excited by the prospect of being in pattern drafting class and what I could do with it. I made lists of things that I wanted and trends that I was interested in. Then I kept track of all the things that I sold so that I could then buy...and return! During 3 months, Feb-April, I had THIRTY transactions from this list and the only thing I really held onto was a denim NOOWORKs dress and a yellow 60s Modcloth dress. Oh and I'm still really excited about is the custom kitten heels that Al's Attire is making.

Of course in Feb, March, April there was this idea that it was getting warmer and Summer was coming. I wanted dresses! Now in June, it tends to be cold and overcast in SF and jeans are the only reasonable answer to that chill. Dresses? Brrr.

What I've learned is that whatever whim I have about buying something usually dies down if I put it on a 'hold' list and prioritize the things that I want to purchase. Some things stay on the list and remain a priority. Other things just never make it to the top of the list because there is a finite amount of money and it can't go everywhere!

I strive to make purchases for the long haul, things that stand the test of time because they are beautifully made. Sometimes sitting with a decision for a long time means that I come up with some creative solution, like making it or making an alteration that makes something work better or just fucking making do with what I already have.

Being creative is satisfying. (sometimes) :) Consuming is...complicated.

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