Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I reckon I feel like posting again

Hoooeeee, March has been flavored by my body getting used to endurance again. Right now, on Tuesday, after an all day hike (80 miler) out to Pt Reyes Station on Sunday, I'm a little pooped.

We've drawn some at Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art school since the last time I posted. MeeZee visited from FouFou Ha.

David Glamamore made an appearance.

I've visited Lucas Valley Rd and the big rock.

Saw some cows in Marin.

But what I'm really excited about right now is Spring fashion. Spring is one of my favorite style seasons because I love color, and Spring is all about color.

Here is some inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/alicestribling/spring-2014/

And Colette has done a really wonderful series called the Wardrobe Architect: http://www.coletterie.com/?s=wardrobe+architect

I want to share some things I've been working on, but at the same time I know myself and I'll be bummed if I post ideas that I don't complete. So I'm going to hold off.

I will say that I've drafted a new pencil skirt and my Apparel Arts teacher is helping jump ahead to collars and sleeves, so that I can make a button up shirt.

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