Friday, January 18, 2013

Gonna try for weekly updates

Right now, it's like this.

I went on my first AIDS/LifeCycle training ride last week with a coworker. It was pretty low mileage and a route that I know pretty well around the city. I chose this because I wanted to hang out and I wanted to get on board with the ALC training. I'm glad that I did as it was a good reminder of how to ride in groups. Also on the actual ride, we have to stop for all stop signs and call out alerts to other riders. ALC has about 50 permits from SF to LA, if riders don't follow the rules they could lose their permits and a lot of folks depend on this fundraising so it's supér important. (70 miles total last week)

I finally went for it and got a wind vest. I have agonized over this piece of kit for what seems like forever. I couldn't really find what I wanted I guess. Rapha is having a sale, so that's where I landed.

One of my favorite teachers is at Dharma Punx this week!

I sewed up the pattern I drafted last week at Apparel Arts. It fit great with minor adjustments. It was thrilling.

Some family upset this week. My thoughts on the matter in a general sense are twofold: Growing old is not for sissies. Having a parent with dementia teaches one a lot.

Listening to dharma talks and talking to my counselor is helpful. Feels like my emotions are a heavy weight on my chest.

We had Dorian Faust channeling the artist Basquiat at Dr Sketchy's this week. Dorian is adorable, her features and shape are wonderful. She painted her face and body with bright colors and symbols that Basquiat used in his work. The contest was to draw in the style of Basquiat and we had a record number of entries. I think everyone had fun trying out his style. It was a really rewarding experience to see everyone trying something new and having fun.

Dorian Faust copy

I had a fun time with the playlist. Recently, I purchased a 'best of Bo Diddly', the soundtrack to 'Oh Brother, Where art Thou', an album called 'Ska Down Jamaica - the best of Ska' for a song called 'Oil in my Lamp' (I'm obsessed with this song), and an album by Jelly Roll Morton.

Bo Diddly and 'Oil in My Lamp' were purchased because JD McPherson played a bunch of this stuff in December and I liked it a lot. Oh Brother was a purchase because I LOVE the song 'Lonesome Valley' by the Fairfield Four. I heard it recently in a cafe and it is so powerful. I actually love songs about death. Somehow it feels right to contemplate it. Another great one is 'Wayfaring Pilgrim' by Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley on the Original Folkways recordings. SO FUCKING GOOD.

We saw some info about Jelly Roll Morton at the Conservatory of Flowers, so I wanted to check him out. He was a ragtime piano player in San Francisco during the Barbary Coast days.

I'm exploring the cookbook The Feed Zone. My friend Kacey lent it to me a while ago and I just purchased it for myself. So far I can highly recommend the chicken fried rice and Sweet Rice Porridge. There is a ton of good information in here that I might get into later, for now I'm just working on making food for my rides. I really like the idea of taking time to make my food for rides before the weekend. These are on my initial list of things for this week and next:

Sweet Rice Porridge p. 40

Rice cakes
brown rice muffins - need a muffin tin
 Waffle sandwich - waffles can be frozen!

 Beet juice
 Chicken fried rice

 Slow cooker - maybe the lamb chickpea stew

Sweet rice porridge hit the spot this morning


Current obsessions: the song Oil in my Lamp, chambray, buttoning up my shirts all the way, wool, rice cooker, my drawing for Box Dog Bikes, menswear

My drawrrring went out on the BDB email today

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