Friday, January 11, 2013

And so it begins...

There's nothing new here if you follow me on Insta, FB or flickr. But maybe I'll elaborate at bit later on. Exploring
Last weekend I tried to go out for a while, I really did. But I got bored and cold, and the light was completely absent from the world. I just didn't feel it. So I came back home and went exploring with my bebe. Sutro tower #sutrofilter
We discovered that we can walk to Sutro tower in about 45 minutes! On Monday, I started Pattern Making at Apparel Arts. Bangin out the 2 dart sloper homework
I'm tempering my excitement with awareness of how much work and learning is involved in this course. With ALC and Apparel Arts, it's going to be a challenge to keep balance this year. However, I can say that in one night my mind was a bit blown. We made a sloper from my measurements in about 30 minutes. I've spent hours altering commercial patterns in the past two years. In 30 minutes I pretty much drafted a pencil skirt to my shape. It was magic.

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