Friday, March 08, 2013

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Last Friday I had a little bit of stomach flu. While it didn't knock me out for too long, I felt just crappy enough to stay off the bike.

Monday in Apparel Arts, I sewed up a button placket skirt and drafted a drapey wrap skirt. I'm hoping for some time soon to work on Bill's shirt pattern and a fashion fabric version of one of the patterns I have drafted.

Since I was indoors last weekend, I spent some time watching and practicing watercolor tutorials on youtube.

Lorraine Watry has a great series of 4 videos:

She drew out a grid on her paper, then systematically goes through each technique. Some of the techniques looked a little boring at first, but I decided to give them all a go...and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked them all. I really was surprised how cool the sandpaper/watercolor pencil technique is. Of course I knew that I loved the wet on wet and blooms techniques.

Did some watercolor practice today in prep for drawing the sisters on Tuesday #drsketchys #watercolor #sistersofperpetualindulgence

The whole point of doing these tutorials was to have some ideas for color ready for the Dr Sketchy's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence event on Tuesday!

We love having the Sisters model because they are so dang visually appealing, but also because they are funny and they tell us facts about the work that they do.

Underneath the puns and makeup are ordained ministers, nurses, and community activists. They raise money for folks on the fringes and build community in our amazing city.

Two years ago they blessed Diane and I for our community building with Dr Sketchy's. It is a cherished memory and reminder of how important community is. This was the fourth year that we have had the Sisters model for us.

Sister Mae Joy B With U, Sister T'Aint a Virgin and Sister Jezebel.

My sister dime bag full of glitter
Drawing of Sister Jezebel, Sister T'Aint a Virgin and a dime bag full of glitter

Sisters red and pink
Drawings of Sister Mae Joy B With U and Sister T'Aint a Virgin

It was really nice to have some quiet time making art this week. Things can get out of balance pretty quickly 'round here.

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