Friday, March 01, 2013

Recovering & Catching up

I've been laying low and catching up on sleep, eating well and reading this:

Not so sure about this 'a' word, but here we are...

Work has gotten busy again and it's draining. Training for ALC is teaching me a lot about balance, including taking time for friends and family and saying no when needed.

I got back to the Friday night sit at Against the Stream with one of my favorite teachers.

I caught up a bit on Apparel Arts:

And tried to cook a little this week: Dual cooking time

Next up, we draw the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Dr Sketchy's on March 5th.

This is not to be missed! I've been looking at watercolor tutorials on youtube, and hope to practice some new (to me) techniques for this one.

This has had a big effect on me this week, Women Who Make America:

Grateful to all these women with courage. In the words of the Sisters, 'We remember, we remember, we remember.'

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