Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Poseurs 200k Dart-xtravaganza

I met my team at the crack of dawn's ass last Saturday at the Safeway on 16th St.

We rolled down to the coast in fog and chill and eventually stopped for a quick break so that I could take a photo of Poteo-dotes, Juliayn, Jim and Ely the bagmaker.

#hoborando #scrdart#hoborando #scrdart

As it happens with long rides, a lot of things happened and a lot of things were discussed. Sitting on the couch a week later, I can't claim to remember it all.

#scrdart #hoborando

I had time to catch up with Ely and told him about AIDS/LifeCycle. We have not had as much time to ride together this year.

I found out about some of Juliayn's projects, she thrifted some merino sweaters and is making new things from them.

John told me some weird stories, many of which I didn't understand.

I got to hear about Jim's new baby and how he wants to craft a good space to make music. We also talked about getting parents iPads. They seem to dig the Video Chat.

We rode a lot, I saw some territory that we covered in AIDS/LifeCycle. I love hitting those sandy red colored cliffs outside of Santa Cruz. The clouds were really weird and dramatic that day. There were some beautiful parts of the coast with ice blue water reflecting the sky next to almost wheat color sand. I do really love that color combination.

We hit Stage Rd, which I had never been on before. We climbed up and over the bitchy Soquel ridge to Los Gatos. Thank you to Captain Potis for the steady push up that one hour climb so that I could enjoy the rest break you had planned for us at the top. I wish that I were a faster climber, and yet the stuff that needs doing to get faster is always sitting there. Maybe next year it will change. So many things have changed already. I do feel strong.

We had a great time that day. We got loopy and silly together and it was entertaining and fun.

Post soquel. Hardest climb ever #hoborando #scrdart

Some highlights for me were eating road side blueberries that Juliayn was smart enough to purchase on Hwy 1. The blueberries from the store are decidedly 'one note' in comparison. I have never felt like I could taste the Vitamin C in a blueberry before these.

While the beginning of the day was gray and foggy, the afternoon and evening yielded beautiful golden light and we had fun taking glamour shots on the bridge in Cupertino.

3 pelicans a winters and a trek. #hoborando #scrdart #hoborando #scrdartSanta Cruz Randonneurs Dart Poster

The Santa Cruz Randonneurs put together a fun Dart, Scott Brittle even had me design a poster for it. This is the second poster I've done for this event.

These photos from Juliayn make me laugh: Captain says heLLo, Ely inspects his bee stingduh... Captain is inspired by the spirit of Jane Heine to adjust Ely's crank for the photo.Our team, our bikes...


bwee said...

This is an awesome write up! Congratulations on the Dart!

Irving said...

"John told me some weird stories, many of which I didn't understand."

I LOL'd.

Love the rider portraits! They seem to catch every ones unique personalities.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian, I'm thinking we should camp and have ridiculous epic blog coverage.

ruthworkssf said...

Greg Merritt texted in and asked for a full transcript of the ride. He nailed it and knew we would be cutting up all kinds of stupidity. Good day on the bike, good riding, good eating, and good company. All you can ask for.