Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bike: Berthoud Saddle

Some time in the recent past I became aware that my Berthoud Aspin cork saddle was askew. I say 'sometime' because I think it had been this way for a while, perhaps even when I bought it two years ago. But it's like I never really looked at it that closely. Weird, I know.

I recall that the saddle rubbed my jeans on the right side when I first got it. Then recently I actually burned through a pair of jeans on the right inner thigh and started doing some looking. Oh yeah, the saddle was a just a little wonky. I tried to mess with the rivets and straighten it out, but in the front this plastic piece was turned and underneath the rails were bent. Nothing would change it.

Berthoud is trading this one in for an 'unthrashed' (tm @geoffcolburn) version

I took the saddle into Box Dog to see if there was anything that could be done about it. Geoffrey Colburn took some photos and sent them into their distributer, Euro Asia Imports.

Berthoud photos by Geoffrey ColburnBerthoud photos by Geoffrey Colburn
(photos by Geoffrey Colburn)

Geoffrey got back to me with an unexpectedly pleasing result. The distributer was willing to exchange the saddle for no charge, which is so super awesome. I was expecting to pay something for restoring it.

Needless to say this replacement saddle came with a rail stabilizer. #sweet

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