Monday, November 25, 2013

Things that I'm into right now

DIY. Left: twill right: denim Made a denim skirt, now waxing it #otterwax Flannel and waxed denim self drafted skirt selfie
self drafted straight skirt. Waxed denim.
Self drafted zipper skirt #patterndrafting #slightlyhottopic
self drafted straight skirt with zipper
Much less fussing needed for figure 2 #patterndrafting #apparelarts
moulage. I'm getting the hang of it.
First fitting #alsattire #japaneserawdenim #rawdenim
first fitting of my western shirt jacket. Japanese raw slub denim. Al's Attire.
Snakeskin pencil self drafted zipper skirt on the chopping block #patterndrafting
self drafted snakeskin pencil skirt. will have zipper.

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