Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a hard life if you live it

My heart has been heavy this week. My family is struggling with my Dad's every changing behavior due to dementia. Last weekend was particularly stressful, and I've been recovering. I've been holding things close, not riding, and I've thrown myself into a project.

The not riding was intentional, because I'm participating in a two-day ride up to the Russian River this week with the Positive Pedalers. We ride 75 miles up the coast Saturday, camp overnight, then return inland through Petaluma on Sunday.

I have had some amazing insight into my process this week.

1) When I'm planning for a trip and it gets closer to the trip I want to buy things! Because somehow what I have can't work. : /
2) When I'm upset I feel more like making things than spinning pedals.
3) I have a wonderful support system.
4) The hurt passes with time.
5) Good things and bad things happen. Sometimes at the same time.

 It's spring break and we had Monday off at Apparel Arts. I worked on this instead:

The beginning

We are the champions

This is my Freddie Mercury sash.

I would like to thank Margaret Jayko for the title of this post. She and I used to work together, and often she would say this quote, in a thick New York accent. It's true.

Also, if you are into meditating and would like to hear a nice dharma talk about Anxiety, I can recommend this talk by one of my favorite teachers, Matthew Brensilver. It's helping.

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