Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Big Rock Candy Mountains

I walked out of my door Sunday morning at 6am, with the early morning light casting everything blue. I had the PERFECT shot of a tanker motoring through the bay from Presidio, with a strip of pink at the horizon line, but it was too early to stop and take the photo. Oh well.

About 30 of us left Sports Basement in the Marina, bumped across the bridge along the well worn path through Sausalito, bike path, Camino Alto, Ross, San Anselmo, then out to China Camp. I rolled through China Camp noting that what was once green has now turned to gold. Then we popped over to Lucas Valley Road for a nice little climb up to Big Rock.

Big rock candy mountain #aidslifecycle #teamunpopular
Meow Big Rock! Note that the landscape has changed dramatically with one week of hot weather. It's really neat to see the swift changes. I felt truly energized by the cool weather and dynamic skies. It was quite a day to be out in the elements.

Tia, Shelley and I stuck together on this ride and I enjoyed their company, especially after lunch when it got hotter and towards the end of ride when we were all tired and grumpy. Climbing over the easy side of White's Hill and getting the descent into Fairfax made my heart soar. I felt like I was flying. I finished the day feeling strong, my legs felt like a metronome.

@texafornia74 @sheldra #teamunpopular #aidslifecycle

Monday in Apparel Arts was a little difficult. I was tired and I got a little confused drafting my last pattern. I hope to have time to cut out the pieces so that I can sew them up in our next class.

I am excited because I found some really great fabric for my two final skirts. It would be super if I could start on these before AIDS/LifeCycle but considering it is less than a month away, I am ok with letting that go. I did get some linen for my Freddie Mercury sash. I don't know if I have mentioned that on the blog at all. I'm embroidering Freddie on the front and MOXIE on the back. It will be a reclaiming of the beauty queen sash, with sparkle, camp and some hi vis mixed in. I hope that it will be truly spectacular.

Tuesday at Dr Sketchy's we had one of my favorite events of the year: Cute Girls on Bicycles! We referenced the original inspiration from 5 years ago, the cover of Queen's Bicycle Race.

Constance and Zoë were spot on with cute poses, in 70s inspired outfits. My AIDS/LifeCycle Team sold baked goods and made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. We raffled off a zombie pencil/makeup bag from Nooworks, water bottles from Box Dog Bikes, a Woolrich messenger bag from Timbuk2, beautiful posters by Meli Burgueño, a handmade sketchbook from John Hull and a $200 certificate for coffee delivery from Ritual Coffee/Chicken John.

Oh yes, and I auctioned off a pose. I told everyone if they put $1 in the tip jar, and we raised $50 that I would pose for 20 minutes. It was a big success and a lot of fun.

And so in total we raised over $600 from our beloved Dr Sketchy's community. I feel both proud and humbled by all the support.

Cute girls on bicycles #drsketchy #drsketchys #aidslifecycle

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