Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dr Sketchy's SF projects

My posts have been very bikey lately, and here is the part where I switch gears and talk about my complicated interests. I recently took down my web site because I felt it was unable to represent all the things that I love in life.

I instead started writing on my bloggy blog and then redirected my domain here so that I can feature all of my interests obsessions. Directing Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School in San Francisco is one of those many and varied interests that I enjoy!

December is challenging for our little event. People are busy, 111 Minna Gallery  has a lot of holiday parties on their calendar and often people start traveling towards the end of the month. We took the month off so that we have a moment to relax and plan for January.

Our previous shebang-a-bang was in November, and we had the lovely San Francisco burlesque performer and producer, Bunny Pistol model for us:

11.15.11 Bunny 7
I liked how my drawings turned out.

While I made it big in Japan, Diane and Prudence took over for the Amazing Transforming Woman: Half Animal Half Human event.

SketchysSF - TransformingWoman-25

SketchysSF - TransformingWoman-86

This month Johnny Crash and I are working on a photo book! It will chronicle the last year of his stunning photos from Dr Sketchy's. We are hoping to get it published (on Blurb) in time for people to order for the holidays.

Johnny put together some amazing shots from the last year and I keep saying it will be nice to show my Mom, as she has absolutely no idea what Dr Sketchy's is about. Excitement!

Stay tuned for news on the book. And if you would like to come draw with us, sign up for the email mailing list, blog or Facebook to find out January dates.

Ladies and gentlemen, you want these!

What Katie Did Sponsorship goodies for Dr Sketchy's SF

The sponsorship goodies are arriving for 2012. Retro seamed stockings and 10% off orders from What Katie Did. I know I should find more to say about this than it doesn't suck, but oh man it so doesn't. These prizes rock.

Oh and in the Steve Jobs biography, they just announced the iPad. At first no on knew what the hell to make of it. It's a big phone, so what. But once the thing got on the shelves people went nuts for it. Wozniak stood in line all night and was at the store on his Segway.

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