Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's on my sewing/craft table

I have the urge to sew today. I plan on starting on a red twill skirt: either a modified Colette pattern from their rad sewing book or another Ginger.

Craft table

Colette Skirts and red twill

I don't think the scalloped edge on the Meringue is really me, so I would remove it. Having sewn the Ginger pattern before, this could yield a skirt in a couple of hours, so that might be the answer for a quick sewing fix. We'll see. I'm going to take a trip to Discount fabrics (why is this the only fabric store open on Sundays in SF???) for some lining fabric and then make some decisions.

Colette Peony dress

I also want to try to acquire something tasty for the Peony dress above. After reading about  Lladybird's floral and plaid versions, I had to try this pattern for myself.

Navy blue merino cowl

Sewaholic's post about her top 5 favorite items of clothing inspired this cowl. San Francisco is so chilly right now, more scarves are absolutely necessary. Cowls are perfect on the bike and bikey folk know how great merino is at regulating temperature. I love this color, it's a neutral and yet rich dark navy. I think it will also serve as a go-to piece for me this Winter.


ruthworkssf said...

very cool. is this the patterns you were talking about?

Unknown said...

Yep! I'm gonna do some cutting tonight.