Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pattern Tracing

Since I received the Colette Sewing Book in November, I have been doing some thinking about my closet. I have been considering which clothing is my favorite and why and I also drew a croquis of myself for rendering shapes on my body. It has been very informative.

What I discovered is that my favorite pieces seem to have puffed sleeves, because it balances out the curve in my hips. In fact my very favorite item of clothing is a pink gingham shirt that I've had for years. In an attempt to recreate this shirt, I found the Simplicity pattern 2246.

Simplicity 2246 dress C
I think the bodice could be a close replica of this favorite shirt:
Dr Sketchy's Speakeasy with Lury

It's close, though there is no front or back yoke and the gingham shirt is more of a popover style, like this Jcrew shirt:

One of the suggestions in the book is to trace patterns, rather than cutting them out. It means the pattern stays intact, which if the sizing turns out wrong, means the additional sizes are intact. So that's a plus. Also, the traced pattern is on sturdier paper and will (I think) last longer. Oh and you can slash this paper and make sizing adjustments easier on this than on the tissue included in the pattern.

It took about an hour to get this shite traced, and I wouldn't say it is a fun task, but it is in some ways satisfying. I mean, I know that I'm doing it the right way. And it's hopefully a good investment of my time. A friend said she could help me fit the bodice on Monday if we have time, and I figure that this is a Spring dress (or shirt) and I have plenty of time to work on it and to do it correctly. So this is just a small time investment considering the entire process and hopefully I end up with a pattern that I can make again and again because it fits me well.

pattern tracing
this is what a traced pattern looks like Burlesque goddesses watch over the tracing
my burlesque-y goddesses were watching over me. They say I did a good job.407180_10150662881518662_758103661_11973616_1097695026_n
 Oh yeah, this is what I saw on my bike today. Didn't suck! Happy New Year!

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